Visconti invests in:

“Excellences”: Personal & Home Luxury Goods
and Specialty Food & Beverage

France & Italy : most legitimate countries
for luxury and food production and export

SMEs up to 50M€ : A vast less-competitive market
for investment, where sector knowledge is key to source and negotiate

Excellence : Personal & home luxury Goods and Specialty Food & Beverage

Investment Sectors

We invest in excellences: companies owning a superior brand awareness and/or a unique know-how translated into superior products and pricing.
In particular, we seek investment opportunities in Personal & Home Luxury Goods and Specialty Food & Beverage.
These sectors represent unique investment opportunities:

Resilient to economic downturns, having experienced strong growth during recession;

Decorrelated from local economies, with share of export typically representing more than half of the turnover;

Dominated by trends that the Team is able to understand, manage and anticipate, as a result of a deep local and international expertise, as well as proven track- record in the sector

French and Italian companies


France and Italy are globally considered as the reference for product quality, production excellence and brand awareness

High attractiveness of “Made in France” and “Made in Italy”: appreciate and desire for theirs evident know how and high quality

France and Italy represent over half of the overall worldwide Luxury Market

World top exporters for high end luxury product limiting the exposure to country risk

France and Italy are still less structured Private Equity markets (especially for Mid-sized enterprises):
There are half as many PE funds in Italy and France as in the UK or Germany

Most of the existing Lower mid-market funds focus on minority investments

The market present significant opportunities, due to a strong inter-generational passage and a inadequate banking system

Due to their background, Team Members have a strong knowledge of both France and Italy

France and Italy represent almost one third ot the global luxury and food export

Specialty Food & Beverage
(world export 2014)

Personal & Home Luxury Goods
(world export 2014)

Small and Medium Enterprises

Target Size

We invest in small and mid-sized companies with an Entreprise Value of up to 50 Millions Euros, with a focus on companies between 15 Millions Euros and 30 Millions Euros.
The Backbone of the European Economy: over 2M SMES in the target sectors

An emerging succession issue: 80% of SMEs family-managed. Of these, 65% by entrepreneurs aged 65%

Generally less structured companies: showing opportunities to increase efficiency on business processes

The existence of niche markets: with leader SMEs presenting further growth and consolidation potential

Visconti will acquire majority (or controlling) stakes mainly through Buyouts and Leveraged Buyouts (LBO) operations, allowing the Team’s strong involvement in shaping target companies’ strategy.