Visconti Foundation for Craftsmanship

Our Commitment

To devolve up to 12% of GP profits to “Visconti Foundation for Craftsmanship” The Foundation will invest in actively preserving craftsmanship in France and Italy

Action Levers

TRAINING: Through a joint activity with local universities, training will be offered to artisans willing to “update” their knowledge, integrating newer technologies

CONSOLIDATION: A dedicated platform and our extended network will allow to match interests of different artisans, willing to consolidate their activity and search for investors

INTERGENERATIONAL TRANSFER: Through the same system, younger levers will be matched to elder artisans, willing to pass on the business

MANAGERIAL SUPPORT: A dedicated managerial support will be offered to establish business plans, increase sales or launch costs and efficiency projects

FINANCING: Help negotiate with banks for credit or obtain direct financing by the Visconti Foundation